Post Avatar update coming soon

Yes! Finally! An update for Post Avatar. I’m finishing up the testing and readme so expect the latest version (1.6) to hit within the week.

So what’s changed?

I’ve refactored the code to make use of Settings API and put in a number of features that makes the plugin more extensible. Some more language packs will be available. I’m basically setting the table for future revisions which on my current roadmap includes:

  • Multi-site compatibility
  • Uploading to images folder
  • User images and group images

Theme Development Ahoy!

Theme Development Ahoy!

WordPress 3.4 is shaping up to be an exciting release for theme developers.

The biggest news is that the after two years(!), the theme installer will now support child themes.

Also support for custom header sizes, new API called WP_Themes along with the removal of constants for custom headers and backgrounds.

And(!), page templates can now be placed in their own sub-directory.

Catholic Church has billions invested in BPI, Philex, San Miguel

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila, for example, owns more than 300 million shares of BPI and is the bank’s 4th largest owner. How much are these shares worth? As of May 2011, this is valued at more than P17 billion. Yes, that’s seventeen billion pesos, with a B. Aside from banking, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila, together with its subsidiary hospitals and companies, is also invested in mining and construction

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I’m curious to know where this money is being spent. Where are the financial statements?