Hi! I’m Vicky and I live in Bacolod City, Philippines. I blog about WordPress, movies, television shows among other things.

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  1. Hi Vicky,

    We corresponded a year ago or so on the WordPress forum, where you helped me develop some code for my child function file. It hooked into wp_head and forced Facebook shares to use an image of the author that was inserted into the post by a plugin called Post Avatar, if there were no featured images. It also tested the featured image to see if it was large enough for Facebook (200px), and if not, and there were no author image, it showed the default image for the site.

    It worked great for a long time, but for some reason, with the latest WordPress, it stopped working properly, and now, unless there’s an author image, only the default image gets shared, not the featured image.

    I wonder if you can help me again? I could send you the code as it is, so you could look it over.

    When looking at Facebook’s ‘scraped’ info on their debugger, the featured image IS listed as an og:image, but it uses the default image every time anyway, which is listed last. So, maybe it just takes the last image listed. I wonder if there’s a way to prevent the default image from being included in the og:image list, if there’s a qualified featured image or author image. That may solve the problem.

    I’ve tried coming up with an ‘if’ statement to do that, but it’s not working.

    Email me if you can help. Thank you!!!


    • Well, I moved the code from the top of the child theme function.php file to the bottom, and now it seems to be working again. I’ll post again in the WordPress forum if this changes. Thanks again!

      P.S. How about adding the code you wrote for me into your “Advanced Customization” section on this site? I’ll bet lots of folks would like the Post Avatar photo to appear in their FB shares.

      • OOPS! Never mind the above. Still not working. I was looking at old posts, and I think they were sharing the correct featured image only because FB had the imaged cached from previous shares. Once you ‘scrape’ the page again, it will only show the default image.

  2. I love Eureka, but I’m having an issue with widget placement. The sides of the page are wide open, but the sidebars are defined as 3 footers. Is there any way to get sidebars on the sides for widgets?

    • Amy, can you send me a screenshot of what the theme looks like when you use it?

      It may depend on the browser that you’re using.

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