Transformers: Dark of the Moon


Quick thoughts on the movie:

  • Sam and Carly have zero chemistry
  • Why is Megatron wearing a cape?
  • Sam’s mom is made of win
  • For a G rated movie, I can’t believe the level of violence here.
  • The last hour made me think of ‘Falling Skies: The Prequel
  • Which on further thought would have been more awesome
  • What Michael Bay movie would be complete without a slow mo “emotive” camera pan sequence.

Dark of the Moon is probably the best of the Transformers films, action-wise, but still suffers from a lack of a coherent plot.

Post Avatar 1.4

The latest of Post Avatar is here. Mostly coding revisions to take advantage of WordPress APIs and improved security and validation during saving of posts and options. This will be the last version to support PHP 4.

I will be releasing version 1.5 once WordPress 3.2 hits the streets. It’s a major code rewrite. My plan is that future feature requests will be handled as add-ons to Post Avatar so I can keep the code light (hooray for hooks). Plans for the future include support for:

  • pages and custom post types
  • better integration with author gravatars and comments
  • Multi Site installations
  • ability to upload images (am toying with the idea of using custom post types for this

Watch this space for further developments. In the meantime grab 1.4 at the plugin repository