Version History & Known Issues

Version History (Changelog)

Version History (Changelog)

1.6.0 (03/30/2015)
* Version Update: Minimum supported version is now 3.9
* Fixed: Javascript bug that prevented cycling forward to the start of image list (Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘text’ of undefined).
* Added: Custom filter to allow displaying Post Avatar meta boxes on post types other than posts.
* Added: Custom filters to control image list and post avatar display.
* Added: Translations for Serb-Croatian, Romanian and Hindi. Thanks to Borisa Djuraskovic, Alexander Ovsov and Chandel
* Added: Upgrade facility to convert plugin options and handle future database/feature changes
* Revised: Changed plugin options into a single array.
* Revised: Changed plugin settings to use the Settings API.
* Deprecated: `gkl_check_phpself()`, `gkl_validate_checked()`.
* General code refactoring in keeping with good practices e.g. common prefix labels, using appropriate hooks for enqueuing styles and scripts

1.5.1 (03/04/2015)
* Compability check with WordPress 4.1

1.5 (05/11/2012)
* Fixed: Performance issue resulting in “Maximum execution time” errors or slow loading page or footer scripts not working properly. Bug was caused by missing image folder.
* Revised: Change the hook where stylesheets are included. Using `wp_enqueue_scripts` instead of `wp_print_styles`
* Revised: Using `wp_localize_script() for JavaScript variables. Removed `gkl_admin_head()`.
* Revised: Logic change for enqueing of scripts in `gkl_display_css()`.
* Revised: Moved loading of plugin text domain to `gkl_init()`
* Added: `esc_attr()` to all settings
* Removed: option ‘gklpa_showinwritepage’. Unnecessary option.

1.4.2 (07/13/2011)
* Added: Irish translation. Thanks to Ray S.
* Fixed: Prevent post avatars from being saved when post revisions are updated.

1.4.1 (06/27/2011)
* Fixed: Problem with error in displaying with spaces in the filename e.g. “my image.jpg” was caused by `esc_url` removing the spaces. Thanks to KDSarge for the find.

1.4 (06/20/2011)
* Added: Improved security checks when saving post meta data and options as well as displaying data.
* Added: Activation hook to process capabilities and default options
* Added: Improved compatibility with WordPress 3.0 and above.
* Deprecated functions: `gkl_unescape_html` and `gkl_dev_override`
* Notice: This will be the last version to support PHP 4

1.3.2 (04/13/2011)
Added: Polish translation. Thanks to [Meloniq](
Fixed: Duplication of post avatar when “apply_filters” tag is used in other plugins.
Fixed: Improved data validation. Now using wp_kses when validating HTML.

1.3.1 (08/23/2010)
Added: French translation. Thanks to [Mathieu Haratyk](

1.3 (05/14/2010)
Version update. You must be running WordPress 2.8 or greater to use Post Avatars.

1.2.7 (02/26/2010)
Fixed: IE preview problems when reselecting an image. Thanks spedney at the forums.

Fixed: removed border=”0″ in image display for XHTML compliance. Thanks to Jay August for pointing it out here (08/21/2009)
* Added: Dutch translation. Thanks to Jay August. (08/06/2009)
* Added: Belorussian translation. Thanks to Fat Cower. (06/02/2009)

* Added: Italian translation. Thanks to [Gianni Diurno](

1.2.5 (12/15/2008)
* Fixed: Incorrect display of css class
* Fixed: Bugs in image display (height/width switched up)
* Fixed: “Cannot modify header information” errors when saving posts when plugin is used in conjunction with search unleashed plugin
* Added: Theme developer override option for automatic avatar display
* Added: template tag “gkl_get_postavatar”, to return post avatar data in an array.

1.2.4 (03/31/2008)
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*Slideshow effect to navigate for next and previous images (in progress)
*Display of avatar in Write Post page and navigation effects work in IE6+
*Style for WordPress 2.5
*Option to include avatars in RSS feeds

1.2.3 (10/06/2007)
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*Role capabilities that allow admins, editors and authors to post avatars
*Define HTML and CSS classes inside the options page
*Include automatic avatar display in post excerpts
*Option to display image dimensions
*Bugfix to stop avatars from displaying in feeds

1.2.2 (02/12/2007)
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*Bugfix to stop comment posting from deleting post avatars as identified here
*Bugfix to prevent post avatars from showing up in fields (updated: September 24, 2007)

1.2.1 (01/11/2007)
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*Added compatibility for WordPress 2.1
*Added option to display image automatically without have to use template tag

1.2 (12/09/2006)
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*Scan subdirectories for images
*Created external scriptfile to make extending script easier
*Check if PHP_SELF contains substring (for subdomain installations)
*Improved image display in Write Post screen
*Add trailing slash to image directory option
*Check image existence using absolute path instead of url (for those without “Allow_url_fopen”)

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*dynamic reload of the post avatar – live preview (tested in Mozilla)
*gkl-postavatar produces now correct (X)HTML
*speed optimization (now it runs a few nanoseconds faster ;-))
*Improved parameters
*Added l10n support

1.0 (08/26/2006)
Download :: Discuss
* Initial release

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Known Issues

Incompatible with multisite installs. The plugin will only on the primary blog

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