Eureka is a WordPress theme with a single column layout intended for microblogging or journal sites. It is loosely inspired by LCARS, the computer operating system from Star Trek and represents a chance for me to play around with CSS3 techniques.


  • All WordPress post formats. An icon corresponding to each format will be displayed on the post.
  • Three widget areas in the footer
  • Customizable theme colors
  • Multi-level menus
  • Translation
  • RTL language

Available soon on the WordPress Theme Repository…fingers-crossed!

2 thoughts on “Eureka

  1. Also… are there any adjustments that can be made to teh themse so that it displays properly on an iPhone 4s? Currently the width of teh conetnet collapses to less than 50% of the screen.

    Thanks for your help. 🙂

  2. Hey Vicky,

    I’ve just installed the Eureka theme on my website. Thanks! Looks great!

    Within the post content I have a chat room and banner ads with a width 728px. On a single post page (e.g. The chat room and banner ads fit fine. However on the homepage the content shrinks in width and the chat room and banner ads do not fit properly. What changes can I make to the theme so that the width is the same on the home page as it is on the single post page so that the chat room and advertisment fits OK?

    Your help will be very much appreciated!


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