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Version History (Changelog)

1.5 (05/11/2012)

* Fixed: Performance issue resulting in “Maximum execution time” errors or slow loading page or footer scripts not working properly. Bug was caused by missing image folder.
* Revised: Change the hook where stylesheets are included. Using `wp_enqueue_scripts` instead of `wp_print_styles`
* Revised: Using `wp_localize_script() for JavaScript variables. Removed `gkl_admin_head()`.
* Revised: Logic change for enqueing of scripts in `gkl_display_css()`.
* Revised: Moved loading of plugin text domain to `gkl_init()`
* Added: `esc_attr()` to all settings
* Removed: option ‘gklpa_showinwritepage’. Unnecessary option.

1.4.2 (07/13/2011)

* Added: Irish translation. Thanks to Ray S.
* Fixed: Prevent post avatars from being saved when post revisions are updated.

1.4.1 (06/27/2011)

* Fixed: Problem with error in displaying with spaces in the filename e.g. “my image.jpg” was caused by `esc_url` removing the spaces. Thanks to KDSarge for the find.

1.4 (06/20/2011)

* Added: Improved security checks when saving post meta data and options as well as displaying data.
* Added: Activation hook to process capabilities and default options
* Added: Improved compatibility with WordPress 3.0 and above.
* Deprecated functions: `gkl_unescape_html` and `gkl_dev_override`
* Notice: This will be the last version to support PHP 4

1.3.2 (04/13/2011)

Added: Polish translation. Thanks to [Meloniq](
Fixed: Duplication of post avatar when “apply_filters” tag is used in other plugins.
Fixed: Improved data validation. Now using wp_kses when validating HTML.

1.3.1 (08/23/2010)

Added: French translation. Thanks to [Mathieu Haratyk](

1.3 (05/14/2010)

Version update. You must be running WordPress 2.8 or greater to use Post Avatars.

1.2.7 (02/26/2010)

Fixed: IE preview problems when reselecting an image. Thanks spedney at the forums.

Fixed: removed border=”0″ in image display for XHTML compliance. Thanks to Jay August for pointing it out here (08/21/2009)

* Added: Dutch translation. Thanks to Jay August. (08/06/2009)

* Added: Belorussian translation. Thanks to Fat Cower. (06/02/2009)

* Added: Italian translation. Thanks to [Gianni Diurno](

1.2.5 (12/15/2008)

* Fixed: Incorrect display of css class
* Fixed: Bugs in image display (height/width switched up)
* Fixed: “Cannot modify header information” errors when saving posts when plugin is used in conjunction with search unleashed plugin
* Added: Theme developer override option for automatic avatar display
* Added: template tag “gkl_get_postavatar”, to return post avatar data in an array.

1.2.4 (03/31/2008)
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*Slideshow effect to navigate for next and previous images (in progress)
*Display of avatar in Write Post page and navigation effects work in IE6+
*Style for WordPress 2.5
*Option to include avatars in RSS feeds

1.2.3 (10/06/2007)
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*Role capabilities that allow admins, editors and authors to post avatars
*Define HTML and CSS classes inside the options page
*Include automatic avatar display in post excerpts
*Option to display image dimensions
*Bugfix to stop avatars from displaying in feeds

1.2.2 (02/12/2007)
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*Bugfix to stop comment posting from deleting post avatars as identified here
*Bugfix to prevent post avatars from showing up in fields (updated: September 24, 2007)

1.2.1 (01/11/2007)
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*Added compatibility for WordPress 2.1
*Added option to display image automatically without have to use template tag

1.2 (12/09/2006)
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*Scan subdirectories for images
*Created external scriptfile to make extending script easier
*Check if PHP_SELF contains substring (for subdomain installations)
*Improved image display in Write Post screen
*Add trailing slash to image directory option
*Check image existence using absolute path instead of url (for those without “Allow_url_fopen”)

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*dynamic reload of the post avatar – live preview (tested in Mozilla)
*gkl-postavatar produces now correct (X)HTML
*speed optimization (now it runs a few nanoseconds faster ;-))
*Improved parameters
*Added l10n support

1.0 (08/26/2006)
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* Initial release

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Known Issues

No known issues at this time

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59 thoughts on “Post Avatar

  1. Just a quick note that this plugin is incompatible with multi-site installations; post avatars will only work on the primary blog and any attempt to configure them on other blogs in the network will just send you back to the dashboard of the primary blog.

  2. good image posting plugins, with some good Features
    Easy selection of images in the Write Post screen.
    Allows the following file types: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif and .png.
    Settings display avatars automatically or through the use of template tags.
    Customize html output of avatars.


  3. Hello,

    The alt tags generated by Post Avatar are currently the title with dashes. Is there a way to make it without dashes? That’s more useful for SEO purposes, I think. Thanks!

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  5. In keeping with WordPress practices, I will only be accepting personal or project/development websites for translation link credits.

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