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    • This was caused by the plugin interacting with another plugin that makes use of the “apply_filters” tag. I have fixed it.

  1. Love this plug-in.
    Its working GREAT!
    Thank you!

    I’m having a slight challenge uploading new Avatars into the right place so that they show on the Avatar drop down menu.

    (I lost my web guy and am having to figure out/remember stuff I haven’t done in two years!)

    So – as simply as possible, here’s my question:

    I believe all my avatar images are the right size and type.

    I believe they’re all uploaded as usual in the right place as:

    BUT – the two or three new ones I’ve uploaded to the media library don’t show on the drop down Avatar menu.

    Other ones are located – as an example – at:

    (Does the double forward slash “//” simply truncate the year and month directory? I would imagine).

    If I go in to edit the .jpg files in the media library, I can’t change their location – and I can’t figure out how to upload these files into the subdirectory – or basically:

    How to get a NEW avatar image up ON TO THE AVATAR DROP DOWN MENU?

    Please help!

    I’ve gone through everything and gotten help galore – none of us can figure it out.


  2. Hi there,
    This is exactly what I was looking for; I’m surprised it’s not already native to WP by now. Thanks for providing it for us!

    I do have a question though. I’m having the same problem with Deborah, who commented in June, 2010.

    The css class postavatar doesn’t seem to be doing anything when I edit it. In the wp editor, it says “inactive” beside the filename when I try to edit the file. Does this mean the plugin is not referencing the stylesheet for some reason?

    I’m merely trying to resize the dimensions of the avatar using CSS, but no options I enter in the stylesheet takes into effect. Is this a common issue?

    Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.


    • The problem that you’re having is not with the post avatar plugin.
      Post avatar doesn’t have any functionality regarding cropping images

    • The plugin doesn’t create the folders, you need to do that yourself using your website’s control panel or via FTP/SFTP.
      Then you must upload the images to that folder before the plugin can see them

  3. Hey there Vix,

    Have a question I hope you can help me with.

    As you can see on my blog right here there’s quite a big “hole” below the post avatar.

    I can’t seem modify this right, so I can’t remove it. Basically I’m just looking for a 5px padding below the picture so that the text wraps around the image.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

    • I see the problem that you’re having. After some troubleshooting, it appears that you need to remove the css from the postavatar div and place it under .postavatar img
      I’ve sent you an e-mail with the css code that you need.

  4. The folder where images are located can be the location to you Media Library (usually wp-content/uploads). But this will result in all images (including the big ones) to be available for selection.

    I normally create a folder within wp-content and place all my small images there. So the path would be wp-content/images/icons.
    But you can specify any path as long as it is in relation to where WordPress is installed.

  5. When you say “* Path to Images Folder – location of your images ” Where do I put the images? Is this reffering to the media Library?

  6. I’ve only ever tested this plugin with the self hosted version of WordPress so I’m not certain of how it works with MU.

    Let me see what changes to the plugin are needed for it to work better with MU.

  7. I am trying to use this on WPMU 2.9.2. It works fine on the main blog but when I activate it and try to change the settings for any other blog it does not keep them. Any reason why this could be happening. When you click save changes it wants to goto the main blog address and not stay with the sub blogs address. By the way it is a great plugin and would like to use it.


  8. Greetings program !!!

    I have what is probably the simplest question. I’m trying to get the avatar in my posts to align to the absolute top left center of my posts. I see where the floating alignment tag is in the .css editor but I’m no css expert, meaning i’m not about to go playing around in there without some assistance.

    is it possible to align the avatar that way, and if so what do I need to do? The avatar in the current post is the one that will be used from here on in though i plan to make several others later, but they will all be the same size.

  9. I used post-avtar plugin ,It succuss fuly installed but It is not working in my blog ..
    (Select the image name from the list.) This point is not See in my admin section please find out my broblem or any help thanks..

  10. This is a fantastic plugin – EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for – I just have one small problem – I want the text from my post to wrap around the image. I note a couple of earlier posts asked the same question but I didn’t locate a definitive response.

    I unchecked “show avatar in post” and added the default code in the loop in my theme editor so that the avatar displays under the author name:

    I tried to edit the gkl-postavatar.css but this has not worked.

    I would be really grateful if you could advise me the simplest way to wrap the text. I noticed that from within my WordPress admin panel in the plugin editor section that when I brought up the gkl-postavatar.css that in brackets it said “inactive”

    Does this mean that this file is not being utilised?


  11. Hi Vix,

    Thank you so much for all of your help, I sincerely appreciate everything you’ve done.

    The page is looking much better now, my post title’s are finally how I want them.

    Thank you so much,


  12. Hi Vix,

    I had a quick question for you about the code you gave me the other day. Which again, I sincerely appreciate. It appears that it has linked the post avatar to the post title text and I can’t figure out a way to separate the two. I’m wondering how to do this because it seems to have bumped my post title’s text down so it’s covering the date and author. When i try to modify .post-title margins or padding etc, it moves the avatar as well. Any ideas? The link is if you would like to see what I’m talking about.

    Thank you very much,


  13. Gee, I took a look at the link you provided and you will need to customize your template to get a look like this screenshot.

    I’ve sent you an e-mail with further information.

  14. Ok that was a big vague , i have used (ticked) to post the avatar instead of placing the code to show in the index.php. in doing this is have edited the gkl-postavatar.css to suit the look at want. though it is to the left of the text how do i also get it to the left of the header and meta etc… what css code would need to go in.. the above post link shows what i mean.thanks

  15. Hi Vix,

    Thank you so very very much for your help. I really can’t express my gratitude for you going above and beyond to such an extreme. You are truly a gift to those that you come into contact with. If you’re interested, the link to my site is It’s still very much under construction so there are certain elements that are quite ugly at the moment, but most of which are just for testing purposes to make sure I can get it working. As you can see, the avatar now displays perfectly in the post title where I want it. Thank you again so much.


  16. I’m going to get the Comic Press theme and check out where the problem is happening.
    A link to your site would be greatly appreciated – makes it easier for me to troubleshoot.

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