Post Avatar 1.4.3

Another day, another update. Post Avatar 1.4.3 is out. I have an Irish translation courtesy of Ray and a small fix to stop post avatars from being saved when post revisions are updated.

4 thoughts on “Post Avatar 1.4.3

  1. hi vicky, your plugin is great
    i wanna set a default avatar (like -NO AVATAR-)
    The default avatar will be for my all post (posts was added before installing your plugins).
    could you help me with that ???

    note: in (admin area), when we choose the post avatar, why we can’t upload it from my pc !!!
    because, if i have over 100 picture in the directory of images (wp-content/uploads/icons/pic), it weill be hard to get my post avatar, so let us upload it :D:D

    thanks ….

    • More pronounced:
      1- Make the plugin with a default post avatar (like: noavatar.png).
      2- Let us upload the avatar from the admin area directly (not choosing from a list of directory included an avatars we was uploaded before using FTP or File Manager).

  2. Hi – I’ve been using the plugin for a few years without issue; however, after I installed the latest version, the avatar now shows up in exceprts when I am using a thumbnail image for my post. The previous version excluded the avatar when a thumbnail was used. Not sure what to do.

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