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  1. Yeah, using the add_filter for the_title tag wasn’t such a good idea. On my test installation, it ended up placing it beside all references for the_title (Link:

    What you need to do is keep the remove_filter tag

    remove_filter( 'the_content', 'gkl_postavatar_filter', 99 );

    But you’ll have to use the gkl_postavatar tag inside your theme’s templates.

    Where the loop is and just before where the the_title tag is located place this:

    <?php gkl_postavatar('postavatar', ' ', ' '); ?><php the_title(); ?>

    So you get the desired result: (

    What theme are you using so I can point you in the right direction?

  2. Thanks for your reply Vix, I’ve tried playing that code in a few different places (i’m not entirely sure where to put it), and it seems to be adding my avatar on its own line and bumping my title box down below it. Any ideas? Thanks again, sorry for my ignorance when it comes to this.

  3. The easiest way would be to remove the default filter and then hook into the title like this:

    remove_filter('the_content', 'gkl_postavatar_filter', 100);
    add_filter('the_title', 'gkl_postavatar_filter', 100);

  4. Hello,

    Is there a way to get the avatar to display in the post title? I’ve tried adding this to the index.php:

    This causes it to display before my top most post, what I think is considered part of the header area. Any guidance on this would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  5. I can think of two possible reasons:

    (1) If you’re using the template tag, the header is inside the WordPress Loop.
    (2) If you’re using the automatic display, there is another plugin using “the_content” filter inside the header.

    I will need to see the theme that you are using along with your currently installed plugins to further diagnose the problem.

  6. Is there an easy way to display avatars in the sidebar next to their relevant post link? I can show the avatar for whatever page I’m on of course but I’d like to fetch multiple ones from a list of recent posts (wp_get_archives).

    Thanks and sorry to bother!

  7. If you’re using the automatic template display, the image will appear on the left of the text.
    Can you send me a link to your website so i can take a look at the html source.

    • I am having the same problem…

      “How do I get the text to align left next to the avatar instead of below it in a post?”

      Thanks for the Help!!!!!!

  8. I’m running a header image on the theme options and I changed just a hex color code, that’s really it. As for plugins I’m using yours, Contact Form 7 (, Search Tags ( which allows tags to be a searchable term, and custom search ( which allows me to set my own search criteria.

    I haven’t made any changes to the Style Sheet or Markup in the theme.

  9. I’ve got post avatar running so that it’s in the feed next to search results. The problem is, when I click a tag, all of the similar tags are listed with a recently uploaded avatar, and not the avatar for the actual post.

    Example– go to the site I used as my site for this comment. In the search results they all have their avatar, but if I click a tag, say Hair/Red, I get the same image of the same person for every result next to the posts.

    What can I do to fix this?

  10. When I look at my blog in IE the avatar is all smushed and you can’t see the picture. I don’t know how to use code or html so I’ve just been using the drop-down insert menu. Help?

  11. I am not using code but just the insert fxn w/ drop down menu. In firefox, the avatars are fine, but when I view my blog in IE the avatars are smushed. Help?

  12. I am trying to use Post Avatar while still maintaining normal userphoto_the_author_photo.

    Basically I want to list the avatar if its there else use the userphoto

    IS this possible? I list the most recent blog posts on my homepage and 1 guy posts much more often than the rest and so often his 1 user image shows 3 times. But I want the other users to not need this if they don’t want.


  13. anyway to when I post it automatically places a default image instead of no image for the avatar because it messes some of my text up when theres no avatar placed in there.

  14. Now a new doubt. I don’t want that author avatar be placed at the beggining of the text, ok, I’ve deactivated the checkbox. I use the plug-in “Author Exposed” (, so I wonder what code should I use to replace the gravatar and what code should I use between the div class bellow to get to make it pick automatically the right author isntead of I point each jpg for every single post.

    ([div class=”postavatar”][/div] (replaced )

    Thanks in advance.

  15. Hi there, thanks for sharing shuch plug-in. I got a doubt. I didn’t get to make it work yet. My avatars aren’t showing. So here are the comments/doubts:
    a) Can’t the files be as .jpg? What extension they need to be?
    b) My paht is “” and I’ve tried to place in the “path to image folder” input field the following option but none worked:
    5) /myfolder/my-uploads/avatars/
    6) /myfolder/my-uploads/avatars
    7) myfolder/my-uploads/avatars/
    8) myfolder/my-uploads/avatars

    Any idea what can be wrong? Thanks in advance.

  16. Hi!

    I’m having a question about PA. It shows up on the Write Post page in the Admin Panel, but I also like it to show up on the <Write Page page. Is that possible?

    Thanks for creating such a great plugin for the WordPress community! If you need a translator for the Dutch version of Post Avatar, I can assist.



  17. Hi, thx for the awesome plugin.

    I have one idea, but i don’t know how to make this. Can you help me?

    I want to avatar will be clickable and send users to the FULL post, like Read More button.

  18. I’m interested in finding out if it’s doable for me to add title="" and name="" to the img tag. What I would like is for title="" and name="" to show the filename on hover.

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