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  1. Please help. How do I get the post avatar to show up beside the title. I know your sites says to use the short code, but i have no Idea where to put it. I am using a Child theme of TwentyEleven. I only have header.php , functions.php, style.css, Page.php in my child theme folder.

    Sorry for commenting in the wrong section. Thought that commenting on your latest post will get attention.

    • I’ve moved your comment to the support section.
      Please place any comments related to Post Avatar here.

      You will need to make a copy of the “content.php” file that comes with Twenty Eleven and place in your child theme folder.

      Then using the instructions noted here – USING THE TEMPLATE TAG “gkl_postavatar”, place the template tag with custom HTML near the H1 title.

  2. I’m getting about a dozen XHTML markup errors caused by the Post Avatar plugin, as shown with the tool at

    Is there any fix for this? Will the next update address it? When will the next update be?

    I really like using the plugin, it looks nice, and it’s easy.

    But the errors are annoying and hurting the rendering of the site on mobile devices, etc.

    Any hints? Thank you!

    • I’ve tested the plugin with a HTML5 theme and an XHTML Transitional and none of the errors I got were related to the default output generated by the plugin:

      <div class="postavatar"><img src="http://localhost/wplatest/wp-content/icons/image.jpg" width="100" height="100" alt="test-update" /></div>

      Is this the markup that you see?

      • Oops! You’re right, sorry about that. I didn’t dig deep enough. The errors were mentioning something about “hide avatars,” but it was actually being caused by Disqus comments, where avatars were being hidden. I jumped to conclusions, I apologize.

  3. I have installed Post Avatar, and then I wanted to use it, but I can’t. I am quite sure I added the right path to the images folder, I even added the full URL, but somehow nothing works: if I want to post, there’s nothing to choose from. Now, I wonder if I think of this plugin in the wrong way, of if I make another mistake that I haven’t thought of?

  4. please tell mo how to remove the border of the avatar. there’s something about putting a code in the loop but i’m new in this things and i don’t know how. Can anyone help me?

  5. Hi great plugin. I’m having this problem though.

    Tha avatar was appearing at the top of every article i post.

    So I disabled the use avatar in post.

    Now i don’t see any avtar at the top of the post!

    At the bottom at the end of the article there is an About Author section and there is no avatar there just a blank box.

    So I have no avatar neither neither at the top or bottom!?!?!?

    Not sure what to do could you help me out please?


  6. Hi!,
    I’ve updated to the last version of Post Avatar and now in each post appear I’ve remove this code from options panel of this plugin but don’t save me the changes.
    Thank you very much

  7. before the text would wrap around the avatar in the posts that were written, now it is simply the avatar and then the text, is there a way to fix this?

  8. I updated, saved settings–and it won’t find half or more of my post avatars. They’re in the file. I go into a post to edit it, and in the post avatar section is the little broken image symbol. I can change the avatar, then change it BACK, and the original appears. But save that, and it’s gone again.

    I checked the files are in the images folder, made sure the path is correct…

    I’m stumped. 🙁

      • 3.1.3 for WordPress. No other plug-ins for pictures, but…

        All in One SEO Pack
        Better Tag Cloud
        Contact Form by for WordPress
        Google XML Sitemaps
        Last Year Widget
        My Link Order
        Post Avatar
        Quotes Collection
        Share and Follow
        Subscribe to Comments Reloaded
        Twitter Tools

        Thank you for your time on this!

  9. no. none of the said templates has that gkl_postavatar code. i played around a little n again, i noticed that everytime i changed the php code: the_excerpt, to the_content, it works fine. however, my excerpt plugin won’t work if I keep it as content.

    I’m using the Black Lucas theme, in which i modified the layout, though i leave almost all the coding untouched except for changing the content code to excerpt. as for plugins, i’m using AVH Extended Categories Widgets, Custom Field Template, Fancy Excerpt, Post Avatar, Rating-Widget Plugin, SEO Smart Links, TinyMCE Templates, Twitter Widget Pro, and WordPress Database Backup. Thank you so much for the help. Very much appreciated by the way. Love your plug-in.

    • We finally figured out the cause of the double display. The Fancy Excerpt plugin is calling a filtered the_content inside the filter for the_excerpt. The fix for this is to place the following inside functions.php:

      < ?php remove_filter( 'the_excerpt', 'gkl_postavatar_filter', 99 ); ?>

  10. I posted a comment earlier about having double avatar. I just want to add that it only does that on templates that uses this code:

    Every template (i.e. index.php, search.php, archive.php) that has this code has a double avatars. My template (single.php) is the only one that doesn’t because the code was:

    Thanks for the help. ^_^

    • Can you see if there is this code in the templates you mentioned: < ?php gkl_postavatar(); ?>

      What theme and plugins are you using so I can try to figure out why you’re getting the double display.

  11. I’m getting double avatars. Since I’m using the latest version of WP and the plug0in, I’m not sure how to fix this. Any help? Thanks in advance.

    • Keith, I would try

      Vix, can you explain what you mean by “template tag” …does this mean one would be able to pick the position ? Has anyone been able to get this to show up on the same line as the author title (byline)?

      • The automatic display includes the post avatar image with the post content so by using <?php gkl_postavatar(); ?> as a template tag in your theme file, you have total control over where the image will appear.

  12. Hello.

    After update, post-avatar stopped working. It still pops up in the individual posts, but it showed up on the main blog page before, and now it doesn’t. Is there any way I can roll back to an earlier version or somehow fix this?

  13. I thought this was gonna work for sure, the comments on that article were positive. But it did not. I also deactivated all the other plugins, and didn’t work either. I forgot to mention that, the very first time I used Post Avatar it did load succesfully. But I realized that I needed to add images. So I added one image, and then went back to make a new post, and that’s when it started. Every time I click on new or edit, it takes around 15 seconds to load the editor page, it returns the error.

    • I think you may have to check with your host as to the amount of memory that you have. It’s possible that once you’ve got WordPress up and running, your server doesn’t have enough memory to process additional plugins.

  14. I’m guessing the problem is on my end. I will read the link you sent me and see if that fixes it. Thank you for the fast response. 🙂

  15. Yes, I am using the latest version of the Plugin. And in my folder, I only had one picture, I was just gonna test it. Perhaps, I should mention that I am using another avatar Plugin, the one that adds a filed in yer profile to upload an image “Simple Local Avatars”.

  16. The Plugin keeps crashing every time I try to edit, or post a new post. This is what it says:
    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 35 bytes) in wp-content/plugins/post-avatar/gkl-postavatar.php on line 153

    Any idea?

    • If you’re using the current version: 1.3.2, the line of code relates to the listing of the images. Do you have a lot of images in the defined post avatar folder?

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