I Felt The Earth Move

I felt tremors this morning before 7. Am not sure where the earthquake was but it was strong enough to move the bed.

At first I thought I was dreaming it because when I woke up the tremors had passed but Mum was going “Did you feel the earthquake?”

Update: It turns out the epicenter was near Iloilo and the quake measured 5.0 on the Richter scale. No news yet of any casualties.

Movies of Interest

Coming Soon highlights movie posters for some upcoming movies like The Brothers Grimm and Ice Age 2.

I’m really interested in Walk The Line, the biopic of Johnny Cash starring Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon.

Elizabethtown looks intriguing but what caught my eye was this poster for Find Me Guilty.

Yup! That’s Vin Diesel with hair. He looks like a mix between Robert Davi and Ken Wuhl with some Bruce Willis thrown in for good measure.

Are You A True Filipino?

That was the question, Imbestigador on Channel 6, asked yesterday.

The whole show was in response to President Arroyo’s “confession” that she improperly had conversations with an election official at the height of the election count last year.

For the longest time, Arroyo has managed to squeak away from allegations thrown at her (and her family) but with the Jueteng (illegal numbers game) scandal and now this incident, the President has a great deal of slime on her face and I wonder if she will be able to clean it off.

The Opposition is rallying around Manila calling for President Arroyo to resign. But the question on a lot of minds is: And then what?

Will anything really change? Most of the politicians in the Opposition are looking to better their position, gain favor and get as much power as they can. I can’t see anyone who has a plan. All they talk about is getting rid of Arroyo as if that will be the magic pill. The situation is that they’re trying to stir people up but they haven’t laid out their own plan.

Sure, there’s talk of having a Committee to run the country. Fuck that I say. It took Congress an hour and a half to decide on whether to continue session for another half hour. Yeah. I can see the Huh?! look on your face. And now there’ll be a committee to decide the future of the country?

Constitutionally, if the President resigns, the Vice-President will take over. In this case, the Vice-President is Noli de Castro and I don’t think he’ll be an effective leader. So then what?

Right now the status quo is being maintained though Arroyo is fighting for her political life. But it still remains to be seen if she will survive and if she does, what is the lesson that she’ll take away from it?

So yeah, the question is, President Arroyo, Are you a true Filipino?

Are Memories Better?

A few movies ago, the trailer for Charlie and the Choclate Factory was shown. Prior to seeing the trailer I had been looking forward to seeing the movie. Roald Dahl is one of my authors and I absolutely adored the 1971 movie with Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka.

But after watching the trailer I’m not looking forward to the movie at all now. It didn’t seem as exciting and interesting as I remembered Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to be. I know that our tastes change as we mature (my album collection is a testament to that) but are childhood passions better left as memories?