"Sidebar" Widgets

I’ve been playing around with widgets and they’re fantastic – you can drag and drop stuff that you want to appear in your sidebar without having to go into your themes to edit the html or wordpress tags.

This is great for theme designers who want to give users more functionality on the content that they want to display.

But why relegate your widgets to the sidebar only?

You can potentially use them everywhere! Right now my “listening to” and search modules are widgetized. Change your css and update your functions.php file to allow multiple sidebars and your options are endless!

It's A Bird, It's A Plane…

Pia and I have seen Superman Returns TWICE already and I’m itching to see it again!

It’s a wonderful movie – Bryan Singer’s love for the story is really evident and though the movie is nearly 3 hours long I barely felt it pass.

And yes, Brandon Routh is great as Clark Kent/Superman. I never thought I’d say this but he has such sexy hair 🙂