Double Trouble

Another day, a new theme. This time something simple featuring Mac Taylor and Danny Messer of CSI: New York. I’ll be implementing the sub-pages in a little bit. If you see anything out of place, just leave me a comment.

The Omen

The mark of a good movie is when you can watch it with the minimum of commentary. Unfortunately The Omen isn’t one of those movies because Pia and I spent pretty much the entire time giving our comments on it. Not all of them good.

Case in point, when Robert Thorn (Liev Schrieber) learns that his child has died and a priest at the hospital offers an orphaned baby to him, saying “God will forgive this little deception”, I was thinking, “What kind of priest says that?! Thorn! Head for the hills!”

And even with the growing evidence that something was not quite right with Damien, Thorn still didn’t tell his wife about his “little deception”. Confess you fool! Tell her, “I’m sorry honey but I brought the son of Satan into our home”.

There were some creepy moments – Mia Farrow as the nanny is wonderful here. She really brought a sense of unease that was lacking in much of the movie. But on the whole it wasn’t that scary. Liev Schrieber was fine but I found Julia Stiles to be ineffectual. And the kid who played Damien…he just needed to stop looking so constipated.

Forever and a Day

It’s been months since my last update because I have been busy and really didn’t feel like writing about what’s going on in my lil corner of the world.

Since I last posted, I discovered another movie that is worse than Bloodrayne…Ultraviolet. A jumbled mass of bad acting, poor script and special effects that depended too much on soft blur. Milla Jovovich is no award winning actress but she was decent in Resident Evil but here in Ultraviolet she as just lame.

I discovered the joy of Firefly. Have since converted Pia, Julius and hopefully soon Rabang over to the cult of the Sci-fi Western.

Our farm project down south is almost complete. It’s been two months of incredible heat despite Pia’s pictures to the contrary

The office also went to Cebu over the weekend. We left Friday evening and were back by Sunday morning. As fun as the trip was, you need more than a day to explore Cebu. We went to Magellan’s Cross, the Basilica, Fort San Pedro and the Taoist Temple. Note: Do not carry heavy backpacks when you have a perfectly good hotel room for storage. By the time we were done at Fort San Pedro we were sweating bullets!

As my souvenir from the trip I bought a small guitar, or as Pia likes to call it, a GIT-TAR.

Now I’m back and working on changing the layout of this place.