Happy New Year

3 days late I know but well, better late than never. Talked with Terai for about 20 minutes last night. We both agreed that 2006 will be a banner year. She’ll be back in March so hopefully the gang will get together to do something.

On the 30th Pia and I went to Jake’s place for lunch. It was late lunch – we ate around 2.30 because he was still preparing the pasta when we arrived. Bardy joined us and we had fun chit-chatting and eating. Pia and I had brough apple pie from Calea with us. Instead of cream, we were given butterscotch sauce. At first I was wary about having that with apple pie but the combination was delicious.

The purpose of our visit was to watch Children of Dune. Bardy only stayed until 5.00 because he had to go home and get ready for a high school reunion. Watching the DVD was great because we were making all kinds of snarky comments. In one scene, one of the characters was complaining of not being understood and the next moment she was having sex with one of her advisers….so that’s the kind of “understanding” she’s looking for. That became our inside joke for the rest of the movie…definately puts a new spin on the phrase “all you need is some love and understanding” *grin*

New Year’s was relatively quiet. Lots of fireworks and food at my cousin’s place but I left early – around 2 a.m. Feeling dog tired enough to just crash into bed and drift off to sleep. Thank goodness for a late wake up call 😀

In the year 2006 I resolve to:
Start spamming people I do not like.

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