Argh! Mind! Blown!

Sometimes A Great Notion (Episode 4.11) was the most depressing BSG episode thus far, and that’s saying a lot when you factor in season 3. It was a fabulous episode in terms of character development, acting, scoring and production. Just such a downer in terms of what happens to our beloved characters.

A number of new tidbits thrown our way – the identity of the final cylon and revelations about Starbuck.

I’ll save the full length review for when I’ve fully digested the episode. Off to listen to the podcast

In The Dark

Last night a number of neighborhoods in Bacolod City were in complete darkness, not because of a problem with electrical supply but as many people have been discussing is a result of City Hall padlocking the administration building of Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO).

Turns out CENECO had cut the power to City Hall because of the latter’s failure to pay electricity bills amounting to nearly P5 million pesos.

In a tit-for-tat move, City Hall issued a closure order because of CENECO’s failure to pay their taxes.

Note-worthy enough in the above link, the City Legal Officer said:

Only the Administrative Department (of Ceneco) will be padlocked, the power connection to all commercial establishments (in the city) will not be affected because the maintenance and operation sections are not covered in the closure order


So why did we have a brownout lasting 10 hours?
Calls made to the CENECO hotline 1621 all had similar answers – power lines were sparking or there were problems with connections which the maintenance crew could not get to because all their materials were locked in the admin building. Are you kidding me?!

These two entities are acting like temper-tantrum throwing 5 year olds. You wouldn’t think that they provide vital services to the city with they way that they’re behaving. This is no way to conduct business and only serves to put a black eye on Bacolod. I wouldn’t expect this behavior from a city that claims to be “a city of the world”.

For shame folks. For shame.

Finally Upgraded WP

Yes, a fresh coat of paint for the site. I’m enjoying the new WordPress admin.

Since I had an abundance of old tables and options, I decided to go with a fresh install using the WordPress-to-Wordpress import tool. Of course I backed up my old database just in case anything went wrong.

Definitely more than the 5 minute install but not bad for three hours work.

I’m currently re-installing the plugins that I really want to use. I’m down to 4 plugins from the 16 I had originally.

For my theme I’m using thematic. It’s a cool, customizable layout and I want to learn more about child themes.

How I Spent My Holidays

Happy New Year bee-yotches!!

The holidays have been fun. Technically I’m still on holiday – work officially begins on Jan. 5 but I’m in today just in case there are calls. Thus far, zippo, so hopefully things will be quiet today.

Spent Christmas Eve at my aunt’s place – lots of food, games for the kids. Plus I got to catch up with my other aunt who was visiting from Florida.

The office picnic was a blast – we went to Sto. Domingo, the boss’ orchard and enjoyed a day with nature – well enjoying the breeze and greenery and Simba swimming in the river. Overloaded on food though – we had an exchange gifts of snacks late in the afternoon which tipped me over the edge. I ended up not eating dinner that night and lunch the next day.

Also got to spend time with the gang. We met up for dinner at Bar 21 on Christmas Day and were laughing our asses off with all the medical horror stories Jake and Julius had to share. We went to Bar 21 again on the 30th.

Since I had some down time from work I also managed to overhaul the Post Avatar plugin and my other plugins. Mostly under the hood stuff – more on that later.

I spent New Year’s Eve down the road at my other aunt’s house, eating the greatest of all comfort foods: barbecue and valenciana.

I’ve only made two resolutions for 2009: Eat less rice and write at least one post a week in this blog.
It’s best to keep things short and simple.