Post Avatar 1.2.5

Changes to Post Avatar include:

  • Compatibility with WordPress 2.7
  • Fixed “Cannot modify header information” error when saving posts
  • Theme developer override for automatic avatar display
  • Template tag to return post avatar data in an array

UPDATE: Fixed a couple of bugs with the avatar display: css class was not being properly shown and the image dimensions were mixed up. So please download the plugin again.

New Features

I’ve added a couple of new things for developers who wish to integrate post avatar with custom functions.

For theme developers, you can override the automatic display of post avatars with this template tag:

<?php gkl_dev_override(true); ?>

Place this in your themes’ function.php and now the post avatars will not display unless you use the gkl_postavatar tag or use your own function.

To get an array of each post’s avatar data, use this function:

<?php gkl_get_postavatar(); ?>

The array contains the following information:
avatar_url -> URL to the post avatar
show_image_dim -> 0 to indicate that showing of image dimensions is off, 1 for on.
image_height -> image height
image_width -> image width
post_id -> post ID
post_title -> post title

Download now or visit the plugin page

Post Avatar Compatibility

I’ve received some support questions regarding the compatibility of Post Avatar with WordPress 2.6. Version 1.2.4 is compatible with WordPress 2.6.3.

I’ve started beta testing with WordPress 2.7 and thus far, even with the changes in the interface, everything is working as it should.