Bloodrayne is the WORST videogame movie adaptation

I’m not stating that lightly. The only good thing I can say about Bloodrayne is that it is only slightly better than The Ninth Gate which I found to be atrocious and a waste of movie fest time.

And it’s not even that Bloodrayne is soooo bad that it’s good – it’s so bad, it’s laugh out loud funny. The storyline made no sense, the lines were corny, the actors looked dead and there were some pretty good actors in the cast.

I mean Michael Madsen, Ben Kingsley! WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?

Kristanna Loken who made a wonderful Terminatrix was terrible here – totally lacking in coordination and her court jester-type pants were so distracting.

Though most distracting thing is a toss up between Michelle Rodriguez’s accent and Ben Kingsley’s right hand man who looked kinda cross-eyed that instead of feeling scared of the evil henchman we were all laughing.

Some People

You know what bugs me – knowing you discovered something for yourself and then have people accuse you of copying them.

You tell yourself that it doesn’t matter what other people say about you, but FUCKIN’ A.

What is up with that shit?!

Anyway, saw Jarhead with Jake, Pia and Rabang last night. Afterwards we went for dinner at Bobs (Sate Babi for all of us except Jake who was hankering for a “smokey burger”) and then milkshakes at Calea.

I bought a berry/pineapple cheescake to bring home to share with Mum. Twas delish.