Someone's Poor is My Middle Class

Duncan at BlogHerald posted this news item: “Chinese Bloggers poor, students” about a survey that found that most Chinese bloggers are poor or students. These are individuals “who earn less than RMB2000 ($247 USD)” every month

I’m curious to know about the blogger profile of Pinoys because I earn less than those poor Chinese bloggers but I don’t really think of myself as poor. Hard up sometimes but not poooooooor.

Which reminds me of an article a month or so back when GMA proudly announced that things were looking up as a survey had said less people said they were poor. I remember thinking to myself “more people probably checked the impoverished box versus the poor box”.

It’s a sobering reality when P100 really doesn’t buy you much – I spent almost 3/4 of that on transportation alone a few days back. And for Bacolod living that’s too much!

What about you? Do you fall north or south of these figures or is it the same?