Our Siquijor Trip – Day 1: Ratsada

On to Kiwi

Siquijor Trip: Julius Relaxing
Julius relaxing at Kiwi Dive Resort
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The Kiwi Dive Resort was 6 km from Larena so we got there around 3 to settle into our accomdations, a large cottage right on the beach. After unpacking we decided to go exploring. Since it was low tide we just walked out on the beach. Terai, Jake and I saw some dolphins (at least that’s we thought they were dolphins) jumping up and down in the distance. Meanwhile, Pia, Julius, Anne and Rabang were checking out sea urchins on the exposed rocks. The beach was sandy white and had lots of sea shells and dead coral. By 6 pm we saw that the tide was coming in so we headed back to our bungalow to chill out and take showers. While everyone else were either taking showers or having conversations, Julius was fast asleep – I think he had the most sleep out of all of us.

We ate dinner there at Kiwi and while waiting for dinner we played poker, without money of course, because half the people in our group didn’t know how to play the game. Once we got the hang of it we decided that we would have another round of poker (this time with money) on another evening.

An hour later our food was ready. All the food had generous portions and were reasonably priced. Pia and Rabang highly recommend the Japanese Chicken Curry. By 8.30 we were all bone tired and decided to turn in. Pia and Terai shared the upstairs loft, Anne and I had the bed while Julius, Rabang and Jake had mattresses on the floor.

By 9pm we were all fast asleep – a first for all of us night owls.