Got my backpack, where's my fanny pack?

Am trying out BackPack an online personal information manager, idea collaboration tool, blog.

The idea for this is to have different pages for various projects that you want to keep track of. Each page has it own set of to-do lists, notes. Plus you decide who can view a page.

All that’s missing is the kitchen sink and per-page rss feeds. But hopefully those will come shortly!

Moz Extensions

What firefox extensions are you using?

I’ve been using Scrapbook to clip things of interest from websites.

I’ve also just discovered Aggreg8, a RSS feed reader for firefox . Easy to use though I had to bookmark the launch page : chrome://aggreg8/content/aggreg8.xul.

Even better is FireFTP, yup, a FTP program on your browser. Almost like using SmartFTP but I don’t have to keep refreshing everytime I update a file.