Where Are You? Where? Where?

oh, RPN, where art thou?

I’ve been without Taken, Without a Trace and the CSI:Miami drinking game for two weeks.

Instead I’ve been treated to static and the occassional NBA playoff game.

Woooohoooo *NOT*

Got my backpack, where's my fanny pack?

Am trying out BackPack an online personal information manager, idea collaboration tool, blog.

The idea for this is to have different pages for various projects that you want to keep track of. Each page has it own set of to-do lists, notes. Plus you decide who can view a page.

All that’s missing is the kitchen sink and per-page rss feeds. But hopefully those will come shortly!

Say What?

From today’s Visayan Daily Star:

Police operatives uproot the suspected marijuana plants from their pots at the Bacolod police office yesterday

The picture of the main page shows policemen uprooting “suspected” marijuana plants.

Two thoughts come to mind:
(1) Why suspected marijuana plants? Will there be a retraction if the plants turn out to be ferns

(2) Wait a minute, were these plants growing AT the Bacolod City Police Office?

At least this story clarifies the latter question.


Aside from Enid Blyton, one of my favorite childhood treasures was Tintin, a series of comic books about a young reporter and various adventures he gets into with his friends.

Tintin, ace reporter and his dog, Snowy

First published in 1929, the series consists of 24 comics. I spent three collecting nearly all the books, my favorite being Destination Moon and Explorers on the Moon.

What I loved about the comics was the adventures and the different cultures that Tintin got to experience. And who couldn’t help but love the bumbling Professor Calculus!

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