World Press Freedom Day

Today is World Press Freedom Day and sad to say the Philippines is considered the “most murderous country for journalists. That is shocking considering how we’re a nation with a free press.

Since 1986, 52 journalists have been murdered and only 1 case has been successfully prosecuted. Reporters Without Borders reports that “A culture of impunity reigns, for which the highest government authorities are responsible

I’ve always had this idea of the Philippines, in spite of its flaws, to be an open society where people can and are encouraged to express their opinions (unlike other countries) but then I remember this is also a country where perpretrators believe themselves (and in many cases are) to be above the law.

Further reading : Reporters without Borders Annual Report

My to do list

* Get fanlisting detail page working (it’s pointing to the old layout but I want it to work with WP-Themes dammit!)

* Update the who page. It’s nearly 2 years old (maybe I *can* get away with being 26). Something with more elan than what is there.

* Implement Theme switcher (not sure if I can do this with wordpress)
Found Theme Switcher!

* Update my links. This has been sadly neglected in the past year and while going over some links earlier I’ve discovered plenty of one-time favorites have now vanished.

Update: Decided to display a random listing of 100 fanlists that I’ve joined.

Moz Extensions

What firefox extensions are you using?

I’ve been using Scrapbook to clip things of interest from websites.

I’ve also just discovered Aggreg8, a RSS feed reader for firefox . Easy to use though I had to bookmark the launch page : chrome://aggreg8/content/aggreg8.xul.

Even better is FireFTP, yup, a FTP program on your browser. Almost like using SmartFTP but I don’t have to keep refreshing everytime I update a file.