The Numa Invasion

We were talking in the office that by the end of the year the Numa numa song would be a hit in the Philippines. In fact, the invasion has already started as Sheila heard it on the radio this morning.

I can just imagine the noon-time variety shows having Numa competitions to see who can dance the Numa best. Then before you know it there’ll be Numa copycat songs on the air. Zuma Zuma song? Can you imagine the Numa video on the Myx charts?

And if you think that I just made this scenario up, have you forgotten Ocho ocho?

2 thoughts on “The Numa Invasion”

  1. last May 16, 2005 narinig ko sa alabang ang Numa Numa Song, paulit ulit pang pinapatugtog nung nagtitinda ng mga pirated CD. tapos yung tropa ko ginaya na yung video ng Numa Numa Song. Balak ko ngang kumuha ng kopya tapos send ko sa Bitoy’s Funniest Homevideo, hehehe 🙂

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