Newsweek To Use Technorati Tags

In a few weeks, Newsweek articles will come with links to relevant weblogs, allowing Newsweek readers the chance to see what else is being talked about on the topic at hand.

The feature will use Technorati tags to provide relevant links. For the uninitiated, Technorati is the leading weblog tracker (if I’m not mistaken they’re tracking over 11 million blogs).

This is a cool and I hope more media outlets will use this. I know a lot of blogs that provide links to Technorati for links to other discussions.

My main concern is the relevancy of links. Take this search for the keywords “amazing race”. Only 5 of the 20 links in the search results actually relate to the tv show, The Amazing Race.

Far better is the use of Technorati Tags. A search for ““>tag: amazing+race” brings up a great deal of relevant discussions about the show.

But what’s to stop certain people from linking back to particular Technorati tags even if their content is totally irrelevant.

First it was e-mail, than comments and trackbacks. How long before we have tag spam?

Hat tip: Blog Herald