Technorati Beta

Technorati has launched their beta website and are welcoming all feedback.

First impressions…I love the new layout, the curves give a fresher feeling to the site and the use of green and the larger fonts to highlight important site functions really draws my eye. Everything is much more easier to find.

Breaking the site into three content elements: header/personal navigation, search and popular discussions really works for me. Plus the graphic of the guy on his soap box gives a playful feel to the site.

I like that there is more whitespace. Less busyness means I can quickly see what’s of interest to me.

The Technorati search has some additional options. You can specify how much relevance to give your keywords. As I was saying here my basic problem with the Technorati keyword search has been that posts were not always relevant to the topic I’m searching for. But with the additional search options, my search for amazing race gave me more than 10 relevant searches. That’s pretty good.

For news, aside from seeing the latest posts about a topic, there’s another feature, “Most Authority”. This gives you a list of posts that directly link to the news item. Even more relevance!