War of the Worlds

An alien invasion is more realistic than married assassins? Sounds strange but that’s how I felt. We see War of the Worlds through the eyes of the Ferrier family as they flee their home for some place safer. And that makes the movie work because their fear is our fear, the tension is so palpable that my heart was beating double-time in a lot of the scenes.

Yet there are moments of tenderness, humor because we are seeing one family. The movie is personal even though it’s on a grand scale.

I’m glad that the trailers didn’t show the aliens and their crafts because watching the destroyer rise from the ground had the whole theatre audience going, “Whoa!” and “Whoaaaaaa!” and “Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa shit!”

And if you’re wondering, I was able to forget about TomKat for most of the movie.

I’m giving War of the Worlds 8.5 out 10. It would have been 9 but the ending was kind of abrupt and I was a bit confused as to the resolution of the conflict.

War of the Worlds plays on our fears of terrorism. In one scene, Rachel screams “Is it the terrorists?” over and over

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