Integrating WordPress and FanAdmin Plus

Adding Fanlisting Content

4. pages.gif Create the different pages for your fanlisting content by going to Write >> Write Pages. Your content can include the about page, rules, buttons/codes as well as affiliates and other extras.

Here’s an example of my rules page:

<strong>For All Fans</strong>
<li>You must be a fan of Ben Affleck!</li>

<li>If you are member of the Too-Manic collective, you can login with the email you registered with and password.
If you are not a member, you can sign up. Once signed up you can keep track of all fanlistings that you joined in Too-Manic and maintain your member info.

NOTE: The only content you should not place here is the Welcome page where you display your listing statistics. The statistics function tags of FanAdmin Plus don’t work if you put them inside a WordPress page. You will get MySQL errors if you try to do so.

Once you’ve finished adding content you can now customize the WordPress theme.

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