Integrating WordPress and FanAdmin Plus

UserCP & Member List

Since the user panel and member list use sessions, the WordPress headers create conflict. So what we need to do is copy the header and footer html of the fanlisting layout and place it inside the and files that come with FanAdmin Plus.

12. View your fanlisting in your browser. Then view the source.

13. Copy all the html from the start of your fanlisting until <!– HEADER ENDS HERE –>. Place the html code inside

14. Copy all the html from <!– FOOTER STARTS HERE –> until the end of the file. Place the html code inside

15. Save the files and upload them along with usercp.php and list.php into your fanlisting folder.

And there you have it. WordPress and FanAdmin Plus have been integrated.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to ask.

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