Growing Influence of Blogs in the Philippines

The Sun Star Cebu has a good article on blogging in the Philippines and it’s growing influence

While there are those who say the influence of Pinoy bloggers will be tempered by the low Internet penetration in the country, Veneracion says this is with the “presumption that what are published in blogs are not discussed beyond the sector that has Internet access.�

“We do not know this for sure. While blog readers are limited to those with Internet access, each one of these readers has family, neighbors, colleagues, friends and acquaintances, and we do not really know whether they discuss with these people what they read in blogs,� she says.

If we’re talking about the Garci-tapes/Gloriagate scandal of June, Yuga’s blog really helped in getting the tapes out there for the consuming public to listen and and discuss.

A lot of what I see on the news these days is not the whole truth; some tv stations have a particular slant when they report the news so it’s not like we’re given the facts. Blogs help to provide other points of view, discussion points. This is the only way a healthy, democratic society can develop.

Via BlogHerald