My Blog Crush(es)

I’ll save celebrity crushes for another day (hint: the lead in CSI) but today it’s all about blog crushes.

I have three blog crushes. These are blogs I check out regularly, mostly daily, sometimes twice, even three times a day.

The Movie Blog has a great articles on movies that are out, movies that are in the works and movies that will soon hit theatres. There are also podcasts and video editions which are fun and informative.

Blog Herald is the place to go if you want to be kept up-to-date on the latest blogging news. Plus Duncan’s analysis of blogging trends are spot on.

ProBlogger is another daily read. Darren has a TON of fantastic articles for the beginning blogger, the jaded blogger and all types of bloggers in between. With his unique perspective on blogging this blog is a great read.

These three blogs are at the top of my “To-Read” lists because they’re informative and the personality of each author shines through.