LJ-fying Your Blog – The LJ Cut

I’ve had my Livejournal account for at least 5 years but until a year ago I was only using it to catch up with friends who had journals there.

But since I’ve discovered icon-making, I’ve become quite versed in using LJ and I’d like to have similar functionality on my blog as well.

One such function is The LJ Cut which lets you hide various blocks of text from view on the main page. This is incredibly useful if you have spoilers

In WordPress the closest we get is the <!–more–> tag which makes all succeeding text visible on the individual page entry.

To achieve the LJ Cut with WordPress, I use Scott Riley’s Hide or Cut Post Text Plugin.

The basic option is:
<!–cut–> All my text goes here <!–/cut–>

To put a custom text link you just use:
<!–cut=what other text to put–> Even more text <!–/cut–>

How easy is that?! With a few tags I can cut text, hide text and do other nifty things!

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  1. i tried this plugin. i’m still a beginner and i’m not sure how to use the plugin. When i activated the plugin, i can’t use the tag. it just doesn’t work. i uploaded the exact plugin that is offered at his site. can you help me?

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