The Theme Challenge

To celebrate the return of our fandoms aka The Fall TV Season, Pia and I are having a monthly Livejournal Theme Challenge.

Each month we’ll each be putting up a new layout on our respective livejournals: wurlocke and garinungkadol in relation to a set TV theme.

We actually have 10 themes in mind (our Top 10 tv shows) so we just have to decide on the other 2 – perhaps a new show will spark our fancy and we’ll add it to the list.

The themes for the rest of the year are as follows:
September: Bones
October: CSI
November: Battlestar Galactica
December: CSI:NY

The themes for 2007 are:
January: TV Quotes
February: Stargate Atlantis
March: Supernatural
April: Without a Trace
May: Prison Break
June: House, M.D.
July: Firefly
August: Free Selection

Why are we doing this? Because we’re so masochists?! Do we really need to explain the level of devotion to our fandoms?

If you’d like to participate let us know.

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