Jim Carrey impersonates Horatio Caine

Pia showed me this clip of Jim Carrey impersonating CSI: Miami’s Horatio Caine and it’s so frakking hilarious!

I have this theory about why CSI:Miami is considered the most popular show in the world. It’s not the storylines, or the great acting, or even the forensics. It’s Horatio Caine and the mocking that goes with watching David Caruso.

As this clip proves, Caine is the master of cheesy one liners and habits made for a drinking game.

Pia and I used to watch CSI:Miami just to count the number of times Caine would:

  1. twirl his sunglasses before putting them on
  2. put his hands on his hips
  3. twirl his sunglasses, put them on before putting his hands on his hips and then say something prophetic before gliding out of the scene

From watching season 1 the most we counted in this episode was 44 but we stopped when RPN went off the air in Bacolod. But Miss(ed) Manners has a comprehensive drinking game.

3 thoughts on “Jim Carrey impersonates Horatio Caine”

  1. Very funny, but Jim Carrey loves himself just a little too much. Its less about H.C. and more about him!

  2. Hmmm, I have not fully watched the clip (damn slow internet connection), but of course, HC’s mannerisms are the subject of many drinking games all over the world.



    squeed when I found out you are a Pirates of Silicon Valley fan. 🙂

  3. @Mie: I wonder if there is a correlation between drunkeness and the number of years that CSI:Miami has been on air.

    Pirates of Silicon Valley is a fab movie!

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