Alien robots are searching for the All Spark, a device which gives them power. The race is on to see which side – the Autobots or the Decepticons – will to the All Spark first and caught in the middle are a group of human beings.

Transformers the movie follows three human stories – a group of soldiers who survived a Decepticon attack on their base, hackers trying to help the government figure who is behind the attacks and a teenager, Sam Witwicki, who unwittingly buys an Autobot car, Bumblebee.

My favorite storyline was that of Sam’s – there is so much humor and Shia LaBeouf is brilliant in this role. The interaction between Sam and the Autobots had me cracking up so many times, especially the scenes when they all go to Sam’s house.

I loved the way Michael Bay treated the robots – each one of them has distinct personalities that even though there wasn’t a lot of characterization you still get the sense of these robots from the cartoon.

So now the thing you’re all waiting for…the action. It was FRAKKING AWESOME. I got chills every time one of the robots transformed. And the havoc that they caused…WOW! I was overwhelmed by all the action in the final showdown but on further viewings, my appreciation for the seamless way the robots interacted with human characters and the sheer awesomeness of these robots fighting has kept on growing.

If it weren’t for the nostalgia of the Transformers cartoon the premise of this movie would just be plain silly. But watching Transformers you really begin to believe that alien robots do exist and that they can transform into regular objects.

Michael Bay, thank you for saving my summer. Up until this point I had really been disappointed with the movies I’ve seen but Transformers totally kicked ass. I’ll even go as far as to say that I’ve forgiven Bay for Pearl Harbor.

Favorite Autobot: Bumblebee
Favorite Decepticon: Barricade
Favorite Scene: Sam trying to deal with both his parents and the Autobots