Post Avatar Compatible with WordPress 2.3

I’ve installed the beta version of WordPress 2.3 and Post Avatar is running smoothly. Wheeee

There will be an update of the plugin due in a couple of weeks. Here’s a feature list:

  • Post avatar role – this will be useful for a community blog that wants to limit posting avatar rights to editors and admins only. If you’re using Role Manager 2.0, you can customize access rights.
  • Customizable HTML/CSS options for automatic display – if you’re not using the template tag, you will be able to specify your own HTML styling or CSS class to match your theme instead of editing the stylesheet that comes with post avatar.
  • Display in excerpt – Avatars currently show up wherever the the_content() tag is. I’ll be adding the display for the_excerpt() as well.

Update: Corinne helpfully pointed out a bug which causes the avatar to show in feeds. I’ve made the necessary fixes and updated the download file

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