Beta testers wanted for Post Avatar

It’s nearly here! Post Avatar 2.0 is pretty much ready but before I release into the wild I’m looking for some beta testers to, well, test it out.

So what are the major changes?

WordPress 2.7 Baseline

When I first developed Post Avatar, WordPress 2.0 had just come out and all upgrades have been compatible with it. But lets face it, having to maintain support for that long a range of WordPress releases has been difficult. Plus I want to take advantage of newer features in WordPress that I’ve decided to benchmark development for the 2.7 release and up.

Filters and Actions

I’ve added a number of actions and filters that hook into Post Avatar to make development of add-ons (uploading capability, additional image selectors and so on) much easier.

Changes to the gkl_postavatar template tag

Yes, I have made changes here. For people who don’t feel comfortable editing their themes, the HTML/CSS options will still be available in the Post Avatar settings page. However, you will no longer be able to set HTML to display before and after an image within the template tag.

If you’re interested in beta testing, drop me a line: and I’ll send you the zip file.

So how's that rewrite coming?

I’ve converted most of the Post Avatar plugin into a class and added hooks for certain areas: the options screen and the write screen. My goal for this rewrite is extensibility. This idea is coming up more and more in WordPress land, particularly in themes, so I think plugins (which extend WordPress themselves) can do more for integrating with one another.

For Post Avatar what I want from the plugin is to simply choose from a library of existing images. Last year I rewrote the plugin from scratch to take into account: image uploads, tagging and a whole slew of features. It worked but I wasn’t completely happy with it and I felt it was taking away from what I originally designed Post Avatar for.

This time when I do put in uploading capabilities, user-centric post avatars and the like I’m going to be exploring methods of taking advantage of WordPress’s table structure and api.

Going back to this rewrite. The code is mostly ready – I’ll be releasing it for beta testing in a week or so.

Post Avatar Compatibility

I’ve received some support questions regarding the compatibility of Post Avatar with WordPress 2.6. Version 1.2.4 is compatible with WordPress 2.6.3.

I’ve started beta testing with WordPress 2.7 and thus far, even with the changes in the interface, everything is working as it should.

The Annoying Rooster

My room faces the backyard and for the past couple of weeks, a rooster has been coming into our yard and making a fracas – crowing at all hours of the early morning. Seemingly when just as I’m about to drift off to sleep there he is crowing loudly. And in the morning he disappears back to the neighbor’s house.

The only good thing is that I’m waking up early.

I’ve been receiving some e-mails that Post Avatar is working as it should it WordPress 2.6. I did a beta test when it first came out and everything worked. I’ll have to check with more current versions.

When I have the time I’m really going to have to overhaul the plugin to work with the gallery manager that comes in WordPress. That way, users can upload their images from within the web interface. Another thing for the to do list.

Post Avatar 1.2.3

A couple of minor bugfixes and a few new features, namely:

  • Avatar selection rights for Authors, Editors and Administrators only. Use the role manager plugin to customize access rights. If you already have Post Avatar installed, deactivate and reactivate the plugin to update user rights
  • Customize HTML and CSS within the options page. Dominik added this to make it easier to change the styling of avatars. It will work with both the template tag and the automatic avatar display
  • Automatic avatar display for post excerpts is now included
  • I fixed the bug where avatars where showing up in feeds

Download now or visit the plugin page

UPDATE (Oct. 9, 2007): Discovered a bug (Thanks Paul!) – automatic avatar display causes the image to appear twice when using the_excerpt. Download the updated zip file or if you’re feeling adventurous:

Open up gkl-postavatar.php and look for this code at the end of
// Display avatar without template tag
if ($gkl_ShowInContent == 1){
add_filter('the_content', 'gkl_postavatar_filter');
add_filter('the_excerpt', 'gkl_postavatar_filter');
add_filter('wp_head', 'gkl_postavatar_showcss');

Just comment out or remove “add_filter(‘the_excerpt’, ‘gkl_postavatar_filter’);”.

It should look something like this:
// Display avatar without template tag
if ($gkl_ShowInContent == 1){
add_filter('the_content', 'gkl_postavatar_filter');
add_filter('wp_head', 'gkl_postavatar_showcss');

Amid the rumbling of the belly

It has been a busy week – I think I’ve been out of the office more than I’ve been in. Everything is just so GO! GO! GO! I can’t believe it’s Thursday already. It’s been so busy that Renante was suggesting we move our weekly meetings to Sundays. Heh! If he wants to be the only one in the office on a Sunday, sure go right ahead. Me? I’ll be sleeping in on Sunday.

Right now I’m waiting for Pia to get back from Bago so we can go to Julius’ house for dinner. He’s making pasta. Apparently the one dish that our friends can cook to perfection is pasta 🙂

And in other news, I found out today that Post Avatar is a finalist in the Philippine Blog Awards for Best Plugin/Extension. Wheeee.

Pia just texted and she’s on her way back. Dinner awaits.