Oh, the shame, the shame

I come out of hibernation to bring you…The Real Snakes on a Plane

The Bass mentioned at lunch time that a woman travelling to Thailand from Manila was found with snakes and other reptiles in her suitcase.

The shame of it all, she came from Bacolod!

From USA Today!!

An airport X-ray technician reported seeing the image of a snake inside one of two large suitcases allegedly belonging to a woman, who came from the central Philippine city of Bacolod on her way to Bangkok, Thailand, said customs officer Tessie Roque.

The two suitcases were later opened, revealing dozens of soft drink and water bottles and sacks containing 50 monitor lizards, 39 cobras, 21 vipers, 20 other smaller lizards and two iguanas.

Said Isidro Zayco, “Next time we may be traveling with crocodiles

Oh, the shame, the shame…

* Pia hides under her desk *

And oh! The lizards were wearing diapers!