In Search of Inspiration

Pia and I finished all the things we had to do for this project so I spent most of yesterday afternoon wandering aimlessly around the web in search of inspiration to re-design my website. I’ve got a number of ideas floating around in my head – it’s just getting them to make sense on the page is what’s difficult.

My favorite discovery is Creattica, an excellent resource for creativity. I spent a couple of hours reading through the entire collection of posts (all 26 pages of them). I’m totally in love with this tea set.

I re-watched The Cutting Edge last night. Yes it’s predictable and kinda cheesy but I adore it. The chemistry between D.B. Sweeney and Moira Kelly totally makes the movie. I have two words for you…TOE PICK!

In a bit I’m going to do some grocery shopping – I’m making a mango dessert for dinner – and then it’s back to cleaning house.

P.S. I’m still a bit bummed that it’s a few more episodes till the end of Stargate Atlantis. *sigh*