Bloodrayne is the WORST videogame movie adaptation

I’m not stating that lightly. The only good thing I can say about Bloodrayne is that it is only slightly better than The Ninth Gate which I found to be atrocious and a waste of movie fest time.

And it’s not even that Bloodrayne is soooo bad that it’s good – it’s so bad, it’s laugh out loud funny. The storyline made no sense, the lines were corny, the actors looked dead and there were some pretty good actors in the cast.

I mean Michael Madsen, Ben Kingsley! WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?

Kristanna Loken who made a wonderful Terminatrix was terrible here – totally lacking in coordination and her court jester-type pants were so distracting.

Though most distracting thing is a toss up between Michelle Rodriguez’s accent and Ben Kingsley’s right hand man who looked kinda cross-eyed that instead of feeling scared of the evil henchman we were all laughing.