Our Siquijor Trip – Day 2: Tampisaw

Salandoong Beach

But 45 minutes later we were off to Salandoong Beach Resort. One of the more developed resorts, it’s a place where the locals hang out. By this time it was around 4.30. After ordering our food, Pia and I decided to sit on the steps leading down to the beach while the rest of the gang headed into the water for some frolicking and (more!) snorkelling. By now we had realized that full extent of Siquijor time lags and knew that we’d have to wait an hour for our food to be prepared.

We were enjoying the scenery and trying to decipher what karaoke singers where singing when this guy comes up to Pia and started to engage her in conversation. Now there’s something I need to point out. Pia is incredibly fair. Really. Fair. And she often gets mistaken for being a foreigner. It soon became apparent to both me and her that this guy thought that Pia wasn’t a Filipino and was trying to pick her up. She was soooooooooooooo obviously not interested in the guy but he just wouldn’t get it…usually if you’re getting one line answers it should be a HUGE CLUE that the person you’re talking with it doesn’t want you to pick them up. To end it off, this guy was being insistent on getting Pia’s number and she was telling him that “No, I don’t want to give you my number”.
By this time our food was ready and I could see my friends coming out of the water. So I stood up to get all our stuff ready and I told the guy “She’s not interested”. Thankfully he got the hint and left.

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  1. wow, Siquijor looks really beautiful! nice photos! 😀

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