Our Siquijor Trip – Day 3: Putikan

Easy Ride, We Love You
Pia, Me, Annie and Terai
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On Sunday, there were only two items on the itinerary: visit the marine sanctuary and go to Cantabon Caves. We had breakfast – some people had coffee and toast, while others felt the need for chocolate pancakes with ice cream. At 11 we were ready to go.

Since we were leaving at 11, we decided to head back into the water. Jake and Terai decided to explore the house reef which was 20m from the shore. They were saying that they wished that they had found out about it on the first day there!
Julius, Anne, Pia, Rabang and myself were content to stay closer to shore. Even there, there were lots of things to see and everyone got carried away with snorkelling.

While waiting for our ride, we met up with two British girls, Stef and Kirsty who were on a backpacker’s tour of Asia and were in Siquijor for one night. They were going to catch a ferry to Caticlan so we offered them a ride to Larena.
It was there in Larena where we had lunch – at Little Italy. We decided to have pizzas – 6 different kinds (I don’t know why but we were starving!). My personal favorite was the Island of Fire – really hot!!

After that we made our way to the Marine Sanctuary. Pia, Anne and I stayed on the shore while the others went into the sanctuary. Unfortunately it was low tide and Jake was saying that he felt guilty because he thought he had stepped on some corals.