Our Siquijor Trip – Day 2: Tampisaw

On The Road Again

It was in the evening when we headed back to Kiwi. We were joking if all the vehicles had GPS tracking, our Easy Ride would be only dot circling the island that late in day!

Once back we decided to go for a moonlight swim and since it was high tide we could swim close to shore. We were all having a good time laughing over quips both funny and empty. I hope we weren’t disturbing the other guests having dinner on the verandah…

Once we were relaxed we made our way back to the bungalow to enjoy a dessert that Rabang was preparing for us: bananas with ice cream and a liquer syrup…it was very delicious. We decided to call it “Banana Rabang” and were quipping that Rabang was well versed in satisfying 6 people 🙂

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  1. wow, Siquijor looks really beautiful! nice photos! 😀

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