Our Siquijor Trip – Day 4: Kebab

Bye, Bye Siquijor, Thanks for the Memories
The gang says goodbye to Siquijor
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We enjoyed our last morning at Kiwi. Terai and myself took a walk along the beach (I picked up a few shells to bring as keepsakes for the trip). By 11 we were at the pier and waiting for our ferry ride. Once in Dumaguete we decided to get some lunch before our bus ride back to Bacolod. We chose Persian Palate while Terai and Jake went ahead to the terminal to see if they could get tickets in advanced.

Unfortunately, we could only get tickets on the bus and it was scheduled to leave around 1.30. By now it was a quarter to one and we were still waiting for our food. Terai, Jake and Annie volunteered to wait for the food while Rabang, Julius, Pia and myself went to the bus terminal with all the bags to get our seats.

Thankfully, the rest of our group made it time. As they got on the bus, the driver was announcing it was time to leave. There we were in an airconditioned bus with steaming styrofoam packets of Indian food that smelt heavenly 🙂 The trip from Dumaguete to Kabankalan was frought with winding turns and fast driving but from Kabankalan to Bacolod the driver decided to take his own sweet time. He was driving so slowly Julius remarked rather loudly, “A funeral car moves faster than we are”. The bus was going so slowly many TRICYCLES overtook us!

We arrived in Bacolod around 8 pm and we made our way to Mama Maria’s Pizza for dinner. They have HUGE pizzas there and at first we were thinking we would have a hard time finishing all the food we ordered. But we were so hungry we ate everything in record time!

We headed to Calea to get dessert but Pia and I had to go home ahead of time because we had work the next day.

I had a fantastic time in Siquijor with the best bunch of friends. Being broke until payday was worth the vacation we had.

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  1. It’s great! i had so much fun reading it. i almost burst out in laughter inside an internet café. i didn’t laugh loudly but i was giggling a lot, which made my seatmates think i was crazy. 🙂

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