Our Siquijor Trip – Day 3: Putikan

This is CAVING!

Then it was off to Cantabon Caves. I have never been caving before and my expectation was it was a cave that you would easily walk through without much fuss or worry. Boy was I wrong! After trekking for 15 minutes we came to the entrance of the cave. Honestly, it wasn’t much of an entrance, more like a sliver of a hole in the side of the mountain. I had a moment’s apprehension but kept psyching myself to go through it.

Cantabon Caves
Jake, Terai and myself in Cantabon Caves
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Note to self: when going caving have proper attire and be prepared – most of us, except Jake and Terai had flip-flops on and once inside the cave, it was so slippery and muddy that my flip-flops kept coming out! I ended up going barefoot. Before we got further, Julius felt that his claustrophobia was too great and that he would wait for us at the entrance. At one point, Jake was complaining that it was very dark in the cave but then realized he still had his sunglasses on!
The rest of us, with our guides, made our way slowly through the cave.

I would have enjoyed it more were it not for the fact that I was in a constant fear of falling and gashing my head on the rocks. It had rained the previous night and the ground was very muddy and it was incredibly difficult to get a foot hold. We reached this pool of spring water for a rest. Jake and Terai went ahead to explore the caves further while Pia, Anne, Rabang and myself decided to stay at the pool to relax and take pictures.