Our Siquijor Trip – Day 3: Putikan

I think Jake and Terai had been gone for nearly an hour. We only had one torchlight and a solitary candle that was fast becoming shorter and shorter. Jake and Terai had the kerosene lamp with them. The guides who we with us were asking if we wanted to go back or wait a bit longer. We were actually getting ready to leave when Terai and Jake the two guides who went with them appeared. They both looked extremely giddy and dirty.

So we made our way back to the entrance of the cave – going back was quicker than getting there and by 6.30 we were out of the caves. We posed for pictures with our guides and made our way back up to the road. Unfortunately on the way back I stepped in some karabao dung (gross I know) but thankfully we were able to clean up at a nearby tap.

Tired and hungry we went back to the resort, once again commenting on the fact that we were the only ones on the road…
We ordered dinner at Kiwi and while the others went back to the beach for a swim I went to get cleaned up…my clothes were so dirty, all I could do was rinse as much of the dirt out as possible.