It's A Bird, It's A Plane…

Pia and I have seen Superman Returns TWICE already and I’m itching to see it again!

It’s a wonderful movie – Bryan Singer’s love for the story is really evident and though the movie is nearly 3 hours long I barely felt it pass.

And yes, Brandon Routh is great as Clark Kent/Superman. I never thought I’d say this but he has such sexy hair 🙂

The Omen

The mark of a good movie is when you can watch it with the minimum of commentary. Unfortunately The Omen isn’t one of those movies because Pia and I spent pretty much the entire time giving our comments on it. Not all of them good.

Case in point, when Robert Thorn (Liev Schrieber) learns that his child has died and a priest at the hospital offers an orphaned baby to him, saying “God will forgive this little deception”, I was thinking, “What kind of priest says that?! Thorn! Head for the hills!”

And even with the growing evidence that something was not quite right with Damien, Thorn still didn’t tell his wife about his “little deception”. Confess you fool! Tell her, “I’m sorry honey but I brought the son of Satan into our home”.

There were some creepy moments – Mia Farrow as the nanny is wonderful here. She really brought a sense of unease that was lacking in much of the movie. But on the whole it wasn’t that scary. Liev Schrieber was fine but I found Julia Stiles to be ineffectual. And the kid who played Damien…he just needed to stop looking so constipated.

Bloodrayne is the WORST videogame movie adaptation

I’m not stating that lightly. The only good thing I can say about Bloodrayne is that it is only slightly better than The Ninth Gate which I found to be atrocious and a waste of movie fest time.

And it’s not even that Bloodrayne is soooo bad that it’s good – it’s so bad, it’s laugh out loud funny. The storyline made no sense, the lines were corny, the actors looked dead and there were some pretty good actors in the cast.

I mean Michael Madsen, Ben Kingsley! WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?

Kristanna Loken who made a wonderful Terminatrix was terrible here – totally lacking in coordination and her court jester-type pants were so distracting.

Though most distracting thing is a toss up between Michelle Rodriguez’s accent and Ben Kingsley’s right hand man who looked kinda cross-eyed that instead of feeling scared of the evil henchman we were all laughing.

Peter Jackson does it again

Peter Jackson is one of few directors who can make you care about a CGI-generated character, and an ape to boot as well!

If you want to know how highly I regard King Kong, for me it is like taking the Indiana Jones trilogy, add in Jurassic Park, along with some romance and multiply that by a gazillion!

King Kong has the best dinosaur action scene EVER! Yep! EVER!

So go and watch it!!

Pinoy Movies in the Blogosphere

If I’m not mistaken, Sigaw came out last year and is currently doing the festival circuit with a premiere at the LA Scream Fest on October 19.

One of my blog crushes, The Movie Blog has done a review of the DVD of Sigaw

Laranas knows the tricks of the trade when it comes to horror, the scares, screams and tension building is done very well …The scenes in the cinema and the toilet cubicle are superbly filmed. There’s great use of the camera throughout, and the understanding that less actually more and subtlety is a wonderful trait.

Movies of Interest

Coming Soon highlights movie posters for some upcoming movies like The Brothers Grimm and Ice Age 2.

I’m really interested in Walk The Line, the biopic of Johnny Cash starring Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon.

Elizabethtown looks intriguing but what caught my eye was this poster for Find Me Guilty.

Yup! That’s Vin Diesel with hair. He looks like a mix between Robert Davi and Ken Wuhl with some Bruce Willis thrown in for good measure.

War of the Worlds

An alien invasion is more realistic than married assassins? Sounds strange but that’s how I felt. We see War of the Worlds through the eyes of the Ferrier family as they flee their home for some place safer. And that makes the movie work because their fear is our fear, the tension is so palpable that my heart was beating double-time in a lot of the scenes.

Yet there are moments of tenderness, humor because we are seeing one family. The movie is personal even though it’s on a grand scale.

I’m glad that the trailers didn’t show the aliens and their crafts because watching the destroyer rise from the ground had the whole theatre audience going, “Whoa!” and “Whoaaaaaa!” and “Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa shit!”

And if you’re wondering, I was able to forget about TomKat for most of the movie.

I’m giving War of the Worlds 8.5 out 10. It would have been 9 but the ending was kind of abrupt and I was a bit confused as to the resolution of the conflict.

War of the Worlds plays on our fears of terrorism. In one scene, Rachel screams “Is it the terrorists?” over and over